Investing in NPSI

Would your organisation benefit?

Would your organisation benefit from becoming a partner in the National Program for Sustainable Irrigation?

Investment in research and innovation is critical to addressing the existing and emerging issues facing irrigators, regions and policy makers in Australia.

Irrigators are now facing reduced water security and allocation. This exigency is affecting a sector already confronting with issues like water discharge quality, salinisation, nutrients and pesticide management.

Concepts of total irrigation design for sustainability, taking account of economic, social and environmental factors, need urgent action if irrigation is to move to a more sustainable future.

Benefits of Investing

  • Leveraging of funds.
    A single organisation might want to invest a certain amount on an issue but by collaborating with others researching a similar topic, the amount available for investment is potentially much higher. The rate of return for each organisation is much greater.
  • Accessing a range of expertise.
    Your organisation will benefit from the broad range of expertise and knowledge that a national irrigation research fund has access to.
  • Economies of scale.
    While some issues in irrigation R&D are commodity-specific, most of the water management, system design, and social, policy and institutional issues are generic across a range of industries. By investing in a single R&D fund your organisation can benefit from the economies of scale inherent in the program, accessing a broader range of projects than it could fund on its own.
  • Minimise duplication.
    By investing in a fund that focuses only on irrigation and does not take a commodity-based approach, your organisation will minimise duplication and maximise the benefit of your research dollar.
  • Capitalise on new innovations.
    With a coordinated national approach, innovations realised in a particular sector will be known by all partners, enhancing their potential for development and utilisation.

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