Useful Links

National Program for Sustainable Irrigation Funding Partners

Land & Water Australia (Managing Partner up until June 2009)

Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland

Department of Environment Water & Catchment, Western Australia

Cotton Research and Development Corporation

Goulburn-Murray Water, Victoria

Sunwater, Queensland

GWM Water, Victoria

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Department of Primary Industries & Resources, South Australia

Department of Agriculture, Western Australia

Horticulture Australia

Lower Murray Water, Victoria

Ord Irrigation Cooperative Ltd

Research Links

Cooperative Research Centre for Irrigation Futures

Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Rice Production

Cooperative Research Centre for Viticulture

Australian Agriculture and Natural Resources Online (database)

Managing Climate Variability Research and Development Program

National Dryland Salinity Program

Australian Cotton Cooperative Research Centre

South Australia Research and Development Institute

Monash University Water Studies Centre

CSIRO Land & Water Scientific Reports

Industry Links 

Irrigation Australia Limited

Other Links

Virtual Library of Irrigation
This site provides links and information on irrigation and hydrology held on other websites. The information is indexed under a range of useful headings. The site also contains information on conferences, on-line journals, independent articles and irrigation standards and statistics.

National Water Commission:

Queensland Rural Water Use Efficiency Initiative

Queensland Water Use Efficiency Initiative Database (Queensland Irrigators can get a free photocopy of any of the documents listed in the database by contacting their local Rural Water Use Efficiency field staff.)

NSW Department of Primary Industries - Water and Irrigation

Kansas State University (Subsurface Drip Irrigation)

Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is a website specifically designed to provide Australian irrigators with all the information they need to understand the principles of modern agricultural irrigation technologies. The aim of the site is to build a bridge between irrigation science, research and development and the irrigators and provide an overview of all the existing irrigation technologies in one place. 

Information on Recycled Water

Guidelines for sewerage systems: use of reclaimed water: 

ATSE Water Recycling Report: 

Reclaimed Water Development in Horticulture: 

CRC for Water Quality and Treatment: