Knowledge and activities won’t stop

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It is clear from NPSI partners that although the co-ordinated collaborative funding model of NPSI is concluding, projects can have a roll on effect where industry is inspired to test and extend findings

A good illustration is news that a large wine company is investing in a technique to redirect rainfall in its vineyards to mitigate effects of salinity. The technique arises from a major NPSI-funded project Managing soil salinity in groundwater irrigated vineyards. Also read the feedback from the South East Monitoring Network.

Other examples of the roll on effect may be less obvious, including information evolving from NPSI projects which is either directly linked with or has influenced presentations at this month’s Irrigation Australia Conference. At other levels we will continue to see extension of information and advice stemming from work undertaken in the regions.

A recent example of the latter is an article in the WA Grower magazine by Department of Agriculture and Food WA development officer Rohan Prince on irrigation scheduling for tomatoes. It builds on an extension project NPSI had with VegetablesWA which, among other things, promoted scheduling based on crop stage as well as environmental factors.

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