Salinity management practice guidelines

Managing root-zone salinity for irrigated horticultural crops in winter rainfall zones of Australia

Dr Gerrit Schrale, Dr Tapas Biswas

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  • PublishedFebruary 2009
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A better understanding of plant requirements and the highly efficient management of water has led irrigators to apply water to accurately meet crop needs. This has meant a considerable reduction in the amount of water flushing through the root-zone. As a result, soil salinity levels have risen.

Current drought conditions and low water allocations are likely to result in even less water being used to flush salts from the root-zone. The declining quality of water resources means that actively removing salt from the root‑zone is even more important.

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Dr Gerrit Schrale, Dr Tapas Biswas
PublishedFebruary 2009
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Guides and Manuals
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National Program for Sustainable Irrigation

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