Coordinating Deep Drainage Research in the Northern Darling Basin

This project will provide coordination and information exchange as necessary between the various stakeholders to optimise the various deep drainage projects outcomes. This task will be achieved by having 2 groups.

  • Peak Stakeholder Group will be provided with a consolidated technical position on deep drainage and recommendations on any further research required.
  • Technical Group will represent all research being undertaken and any other experts necessary to produce an agreed position on deep drainage and any other research required.


  • Develop an agreed understanding by peak stakeholders of deep drainage in the Northern Darling Basin
  • Develop clear and agreed gaps in knowledge and how to overcome them


  • An understanding of the current knowledge on deep drainage by all participating researchers in Northern Darling Basin deep drainage
  • An agreed position by researchers and primary stakeholders , (Community groups, Catchment Authorities, commodity groups, investors, regulatory and policy organizations) of future research activities necessary
  • Primary stakeholders informed of the research progress and the implications for their particular interest
  • That stakeholders agree to a continued coordinated approach


Land and Water Australia was part of a syndicate determining the research requirements into deep drainage in the Northern Darling Basin. As part of the research Clive Lyle Consulting and Aquatech Consulting produced a report, Better Catchment Planning and Water Resources Management (January 2002). There was substantial debate on their recommendations with varying acceptance, particularly from the MDBC. Over time some of these differences have been resolved and further investment into research has been provided by GRDC, CRDC and the Australian Cotton CRC.

The report recommended a peak Management Committee to provide overall research coordination. The membership of this group should include representatives of funders, key industries, R&D providers, Catchment Management Boards and organisations legally responsible for water. The Convenor is recommended to be a basin wide or national organisation.



National Program for Sustainable Irrigation

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