2008 NPSI/ IAL Travel Fellow - Matthew Shanahan

Matthew Shanahan is a young, enthusiastic and committed irrigation industry professional currently working with RM Consulting Group (RMCG) in the fields of recycled water and sustainable irrigation management.

During his study tour Matthew will visit the United Arab Emirates, Israel and Spain to:

  • Explore a variety of alternative water source technologies, management and application techniques and observe efficient and innovative irrigation technologies
  • Identify world leading new technologies and methodologies to improve sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness in water management and application for Australia
  • Improve the understanding of barriers to adoption of alternative water sources and identify opportunities for overcoming these barriers
  • Further develop key irrigation industry networks at a national and international level
Matthew will also develop a plan to communicate his findings and experiences which will include:
  • a written report on key outcomes from the study tour
  • a presentation at the IAL Conference in Swan Hill in October 2009
  • a presentation at the Reuse 2009 Conference (National water recycling conference)
  • Dissemination of information to existing and new irrigators and recycled water retailers (e.g. water companies) through on-gong and new work with RMCG

Recent Activities

Matthew will be heading off on the Sustainable Water Sources, Innovation and Applications study tour on the 20th October.  The study tour runs for about 18-days, and will take him to the countries of the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Israel and Spain.  It’s going to be a fantastic opportunity to check out some of the latest irrigation innovation and management practices being used around the world. Matthew is particularly looking forward to the alternative water sources and irrigation technology aspects of the tour, with particular highlights being:

  • the International Centre for Biosaline Agriculture – Dubai
  • Masdar: Middle East Centre for Sustainable Development – Madsar City in Abu Dhabi will be the worlds first zero-carbon, zero-waste and car-free city.  Water will be provided through a solar-powered desalinisation plant and landscaping within the city as well as crops grown outside the city, will be irrigated with grey water and treated waste water produced by the city’s water treatment plant.
  • Shaf-Dan Reclamation Plant – Tel Aviv: Israels largest plant handling over 113.1GL of recycled water, which is used for agriculture; and
  • Digital Irrigation Initiative – Madrid: an ambitious digital initiative linking up paddocks to a national drip irrigation grid controlled from Madrid.
Matthew is especially interested in exploring how the practices and techniques he sees can be adapted to irrigation in Australia.  

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