Knowledge Harvest

The Knowledge Harvest project aimed to raise awareness and adoption of NPSI research. The harvest consolidated knowledge from the last 10 years of investment including the recently completed Phase I of the Program, knowledge from NPSI’s predecessor National Program for Irrigation Research and Development (NPIRD) and knowledge from Phase II.

The project produced;

  • fact sheets on the value of irrigation and a communications planning framework
  • summaries of the latest information on scenario planning and ecological risk assessment and
  • the use of recycled water 

NPSI in partnership with the Department of Water Environment Heritage and Arts held an irrigation modernisation forum. This was attended by all the major irrigation water suppliers in Australia, which accounts for 12,000 GL per annum of water supply. The forum discussed modernisation and research needs. The Irrigation essentials publication is now complete. 

This project has been completed.


Review the research and knowledge developed throughout the 10 years of irrigation research undertaken by the Program and package and deliver this knowledge through a suite of activities to end-users.


The National Program for Sustainable Irrigation’s mission is to provide Australia with leadership through collaborative investment in research and its adoption to improve the productivity and sustainability of irrigation in Australia. It aims to achieve this mission by defining, commissioning and managing research and development projects that produce new information of national importance and facilitate its adoption.



National Program for Sustainable Irrigation

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