Changing patterns of salt distribution in irrigated soils

The compilation of a clearer picture of the changing patterns of salt distribution in irrigated soil by Flinders University of SA student Megan Sebben under the supervision of the head of the South Australian Research and Development Institute’s Water Resources and Irrigated Crops Unit, Jim Cox.

A core part of the study was to measure and track salinity levels and distribution over time, comparing conventional drip and sub surface drip irrigation systems used for grapevines.

Scholarships have been offered annually by the National Program for Sustainable Irrigation to provide short periods of intensive work with research or extension leaders who can be from either the public or private sectors.

Awarded to students completing the senior year of their university studies, the scholarships aim at generating knowledge for irrigated agriculture while encouraging young people to pursue research and development careers in irrigation. The students undertake research under supervision during the summer university break.

In 2010 three scholarships projects, each valued at $6,000, were undertaken between January and March 2010.

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National Program for Sustainable Irrigation

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